Urban Nest

Academic, teamwork, 2020
Teammates: Tatsuhiko Hirata, Ishimoto Daiho, Masaaki Hiramatsu, Kido Togo
Instructor: Takefumi Kurose
Kyushu Univ. Design Studio

Shortlisted | 2020 the 7th Urban Design and Town Planning Competition, 2020
Top100 |  Fukuoka-Design Review, 2020

Collected in Design Review 2020 (pp.121, ID 44) & UD&TP Competition 2020 (pp.160-161)

Situated in the center of Fukuoka, Reisen Park is a well-known landmark serving as a hub for numerous activities, including Yamakasa, the traditional Japanese parade, rainbow walk, beer festival, and more. Additionally, it is close to a historic street full of ancient shops. However, the park feels relatively deserted and unwelcoming. People use it as a meeting up point for many events rather than have events in it.

The whole class conducted the site analysis, so we had abundant information regarding the history, culture, economics, community, future planning, urban context, etc. With so much information, we found that inserting semi-public spaces in this vast exposing site could handle most issues.

Yamakasa Poster (reference: Bonjour Tomoko)

Diagrams completed with teammates