The Grove

Academic, teamwork, 2023
Teammate: Yabiao Guo
Instructor: David Jaehning
UC Berkeley Design Studio

This studio explores mass timber structures with the theme of Mass Timber Effects. We aimed to develop a timber structure that works as a structure, space, and facade. We tried to integrate as many elements as possible with a mass timber structure and let the structure become the identity.

This winery project aims to establish a community hub where people in San Francisco can learn about wine culture and contribute to community gatherings. The iconic form of the building attracts visitors. With sunlight projected on the facade and introduced from the rooftop, this building gives the impression of wandering through a forest in the city. The project offers parking, retail, a complete wine production chain, and a wine culture experience closely intertwined with wine production, including wine tastings, a market, a restaurant, a performance space, etc.