More Than just Housing

Academic, teamwork, 2018
Teammates: Zhichen Gong, Congying He

Third Prize | 3th "Tianhua"ART&TECH National College Students' Arch Design Competition, 2018

As China's economy moves towards knowledge and research, the demand for a city that supports research and development, marketing, and finance has grown. This new city requires continuous networking and face-to-face communication, becoming a social super-brain. This shift also brings a congregation of knowledge-hungry, entrepreneurial young professionals to central locations, all with an insatiable need to network, continuously learn, and potentially team up for various entrepreneurial ventures.

The idea of co-living has emerged to cater to this social need and desire. Co-living offers a real opportunity to create a residential community that fosters shared living spaces and curated compatibility between residents. Co-living can create a society that values spatial sharing and community engagement by sharing spaces, promoting a sense of belonging and connection among residents. Co-living can be a valuable tool in creating a city that supports the needs of the modern, knowledge-based economy.

Credit to Congying He