Gallery of Kyoto

Academic, individual, 2020
Tutor: Elliott Chieh

The spirit of a place is often attributed to some physical existence - the buildings, urban context, and other distinctive features. However, my recent exploration of Kyoto led me to reconsider what actually forms a city's identity. Walking along the Kamo River, I realized that Kyoto's essence is not solely embodied in its traditional Japanese houses but in the profound connection between its people and the river.

The Kamo River has been the center of Kyoto, shaping the city's culture and society for centuries. The unique characteristics of this ancient river have inspired diverse traditions and practices, making Kyoto what we see today. With that agreement, we also agree that tradition could change, develop, become modern, and keep growing. We also agree that tradition could be utterly different from our current understanding. We also agree that the definition of tradition and modernity is fluid.